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Please read carefully and accept to comply with the terms and conditions (Terms) set out below, which apply to each person registered to attend SEWAGE WORKS EXHIBITION 2022. If you do not agree to comply with these Terms, you may not visit the exhibition.

個人情報について Privacy Policies











登録いただいた個人情報は、(公社)日本下水道協会の「個人情報保護方針(プライバシーポリシー)」に準じてり適切に保護・管理 します。

Notification on the handling of Personal Information provided to the Organizers, Exhibitors, and Sponsors/Partners of the Exhibition

Having completed the visitor registration for SEWAGE WORKS EXHIBITION 2022, each person registered to attend grants his/her consent to the disclosure and provision of his/her personal information to the Organizers, Exhibitors, and Partners of the Exhibition, except where any of the following applies:

If it is based on laws and regulations

When it is necessary to protect vital interests such as public health, safety, and welfare

Personal Information submitted, hereafter, may be shared with Exhibitors and Partners. Personal Information, at the risk of and under the responsibility of each Exhibitor or Partner, may be used for the purpose of promoting the products and services and in the notification of seminars (by e-mail, post, and telephone), and is to be appropriately stored and managed in accordance with privacy policy of each Exhibitor or Partner. For further information on the privacy policy of each Exhibitor or Partner, please directly contact each Exhibitor or Partner.

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・If you visit Exhibitor’s booth or attend concurrent seminar, your Personal Information will provided to the Exhibitor and/or seminar host.

・If you access to product/service information page, view video, or download materials at Exhibitor’s booth, your Personal Information and behavioral data will be provided to the Exhibitor.

・If you register for and attend the seminar hosted by the Exhibitor, your Personal Information, browsing history, and questionnaire response will be provided to the Partner and joint host.

Collected Personal Information will be appropriately stored and managed with utmost care in accordance with Privacy Policy set by Japan Sewage Works Association (JSWA).